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With more than 40 years of experience in the entire field of process engineering, plant lay­out, and manufacturing technology, ZEPCON provides custom-made solutions to the most sophisticated challenges.

Photograph: Chemical Plant
Chemical Plant

Objective of ZEPCONs activities is the provi­sion of the technical and proce­dural expert knowledge especially in the entire field of Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Auto­motive etc. and not least in the strong growing market of "Green Technologies" (Biomass, Bio­gas) as well as "Waste Management" including "Waste to Energy" and "Waste Water Treatment".

ZEPCON arrives at the solution to complex technical and organisatio­nal challenges in respect to the develop­ment and creation of projects by implementing applied proven methods and innovative knowledge.

From ZEPCONs perspective, unusual technical ideas and flexible answers to individual de­mands are the standard for the desired result. We guarantee effectiveness, compe­tence, and considerable operational readiness in respect to the development of the desired task.

Area of Expertise

Thermal Process Technology

  • General process technology
  • Thermal cutting-off processes
  • Drying technology
  • Heat technology (thermal engineering)
  • Energy recovery

Mechanical Process Technology

  • Filling technology
  • Bulk packaging technology
  • Conveying and storage technology
  • Mechanical cutting-off processes
  • Bulk cargo technology

Exhaust Air Cleaning

  • Liquid separators
  • Dust removal technology
  • Thermal and catalytic purification of exhaust air

Waste Water Technology

  • Waste water cleaning
  • Neutralisation systems
  • Filtration

Renewable Energies

  • Biogas plants
  • Biogas cleaning
  • Biomass power plants

Process Controlling

  • Process control engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Measurement and control technology


Within the scope of process engineering, we focus on the following key aspects of activity:

  • Compilation of feasibility studies including consideration of economic profitability and cost analyses
  • Expert consultation for process engineering, construction and production problems
  • Planning and development of production and industrial facilities
  • Processing of all required detail work (e.g. process engineering calculations, creation of specifications, commercial activities)
  • Drafting of concepts from complete as well as partial solutions which are to be integrated within an existing facility
  • Project management, organisation, and complete project development
  • Installation / construction supervision as well as commissioning and production monitoring
  • Time scheduling
  • Documentation and instruction manuals
  • Engineering for public authorities